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Hypervolt tHERAPY with chiropractic care

Here at Complete Wellness Chiropractic we are fortunate to provide our patients a multi-disciplinary therapeutic setting.  The benefits for our patients would be an opportunity to receive care outside of Chiropractic alone.  For many people this can enhance your treatment experience, as well as increase healing factor reducing recovery time from discomforts or trauma.  The bottom line is having our patients get better quicker.

Chiropractic and Massage work amazingly well in conjunction type therapy.  In many treatment plans Dr. Walter will refer the patient to a specific Massage Therapist because of their expertise, knowing it will result in healthy benefits sooner.  Dr. Walter can also utilize the patient’s health insurance* to significantly reduce the cost of most of the physiotherapies with massage treatments.

For decades Chiropractic and Acupuncture have had synergistic effects on peoples health.  In a majority of conditions and aliments, patients report the reduction of pain and a return to normalcy very quickly.  Dr. Fermin works closely with experienced Acupuncturists** who’ve spent years honing their healing craft.

We also like to introduce patients to HYPERVOLT THERAPY!***  This form of percussive therapy has been utilized in Sports treatments to aid in reducing pain, aiding in muscle recovery, and utilized in muscle and joint activation before activities.  Dr. Fermin will utilize the Hypervolt treatment for patients from all physical activity (or inactivity) backgrounds.  This means whether you are a college/high school athlete, a serious marathon runner, a softball weekend warrior, or someone who suffers in pain from sitting in-front of a computer for hours a day; the Hypervolt Therapy will help ease your pain, reduce muscle stiffness, and increase your joint range-of-motion. 



*  health insurance first vetted and approved at Walter Fermin, DC

**  Jessica Cole

*** see Sports & Health tab for more detailed information​



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