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The Love for Chiropractic Care and what it provides for people in pain!

Injuries and painful situations are bound to occur periodically. Knowing that a drug-free, affordable method to relieve this suffering is immeasurable.

I make Chiropractic care available to EVERYONE!

Beyond your average Chiropractic Examination and Adjustment!  Dr. Walter Fermin will utilize the latest technology in diagnosing the source of your aches and pains.

He utilizes many of these diagnostic methods to understand your situation, and to also share with you some insight on what could be the source of your discomfort.  Not every person needs to undergo all the diagnostic methods that Dr. Fermin has available, but it will keep you at ease knowing his usefulness of such tests.

Our Digital Nerve Scan can expertly evaluated your spinal nerve function.  This scan will show you current spinal nerve dysfunction and areas of concern.  Dr. Fermin can also introduce a posture analysis employing PostureScreen Technology. Your posture analysis report will be explained to you in easy to understand detail, along with a copy sent to your email.

And of course your Chiropractic Adjustment will be the focus.  Yet before any treatment, Dr. Walter Fermin will introduce options to put your tense muscles at ease.  These options include the sought after HYPERVOLT THERAPY!  This allow for better and longer sustained Adjustments. His emphasis will be aimed at correcting your skeletal alignment.  Thus relieving impediments on your nerves.  Resulting in relief of pain and discomfort.

Your overall health is the heart of the matter.  Nutritional advise along with stretching and strengthening techniques are to be expected.

Let's get you back to the activities you love, and relieving those aches and pains, naturally and pharmaceutical free through Chiropractic!


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